Hebbian Inc. was founded in 2004 by a team of professionals with diverse experience in enterprise software development, systems integration, security, product management, and marketing. Prior to founding Hebbian, the core team has had involvement with companies such as Microsoft, Xerox, Lucent Technologies, Unisys and Cisco Systems.

Hebbian Inc. specializes in the development and implementation of software technologies for the self-adaptive information systems and high-end consulting services.


Hebbian Inc. makes 2009 PROFIT HOT 50 list of Canada's Emerging Growth Companies.

Canadian Profit Hot 50

"Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies are a tiny elite. Most of the tens of thousands of businesses launched each year in this country fail within a few years. Even among the survivors, only a precious few expand at anything close to the blistering pace of the PROFIT HOT 50, whose revenue growth averaged 1,007% over the past two years."
Profit Magazine

Microsoft Partner

Hebbian Inc. is a Microsoft Partner since 2008.

Microsoft Partner

Our Innovation

Since the beginning, Hebbian has dedicated significant efforts to the research of human factors and attention tracking of computer users. Currently our research team has several pending patents with US Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO). Taking giant leaps forward, Hebbian is developing Enabling Technology for the next generation of self-adapting enterprise systems. More »

Our Products and Solutions

Implementation of our latest ideas can be found in our Hebbian View products and Hebbian Enterprise Solutions. Hebbian View products are designed for employee management and time keeping purposes, while our enterprise solutions deal with more complex areas of technology such as enterprise application inventory, tracking of the application experience, ranking of information assets, and knowledge sharing and collaboration More »

Our Services

Besides customization of our own products Hebbian provides an impressive array of custom software development services. We specialize in Microsoft technologies and enterprise applications. Our consultants are recognized experts, educators, and technical advisers who have helped to transform many mission critical enterprise applications and business solutions. More »

Hebbian is located in Oakville (Greater Toronto Area) and serves all of Canada and the U.S.A.. Contact us today to learn more about products and solutions or to inquire how you might leverage our software development expertise.