With Hebbian View Enterprise Products you can monitor your entire business. You can capture application usage statistics and also proactively monitor application errors as they occur. In addition Hebbian View Intranet will improve intranet search result relevance.


Want to know who's using what software and how often. Capture user activity for all types of applications running on Microsoft operating systems: tracks desktop, web and legacy applications.

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With Hebbian Monitor you can gather all company wide application errors into a central repository. Our software allows you to pro actively address problems and provides comprehensive details so you can solve more efficiently.

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Hebbian View Intranet will improve search result relevance within your intranet based on the attention paid and number of times a document is viewed.

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The Hebbian team consists of highly focused and skilled consultants. We are among a select few with the proven expertise and experience to build truly reliable and secure enterprise applications. Our leading development experts share a passion for emerging technologies and a commitment to client service. We have the capability and range of technical expertise that you expect from a large technology organization, with the agility and measurable value of a small team. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization become more efficient.