A tool to help manage more effectively

With so much reliance on computers and the internet, and a surge in web traffic to non work sites such as social networking, gaming etc, companies are increasingly turning to monitoring solutions to pro actively resolve issues. Our monitoring can help increase employee retention, provide evidence for performance evaluations and be used in the rare case where an ex employee takes legal proceedings.

Human Resources Solutions

Legal Standing

Hebbian View data is stored using IRM technology to protect data against tampering and unauthorized access. This data enables HR departments to present factual evidence to employees facing disciplinary procedures and also as defense during legal proceedings.

Increase Employee Retention

It's expensive to replace staff. The cost of recruiting alone can be very expensive, never mind the training costs and ramp up time before an employee can be regarded as affective. One of the main reasons employees leave is simply because they are disgruntled. Using Hebbian View Workstation, HR can track individual employee productivity and immediately recognise downward trends. This enables you to pro-actively address and resolve the underlying issues, keep employees happy anjd increase retention in the process. The great thing about all this...our software does all the work for you.

All of this is made possible through the detailed data captured by the Hebbian View Recording Client and reporting available through the Hebbian View Workstation client.

Performance Evaluation

Hebbian Reporting provides Bell Curve reports that allow individuals to be evaluated against their team, department or organization. You can even generate a temporary group for what if scenarios. These reports can then be used for performance reviews and can be broken down to work related, non work related, and prohibited activities.

Bell Curve Reports extracts any personal prejudices that may exist and provides factual incontrovertible performance evaluations.


Bell Curve reports are only one of the available reports. Detailed analysis reports are also available that list a users activity across any time period. You can focus on any of the work types; work related, non work related or prohibited as well as listing every single activity. In addition to the 'out of the box' reports, you can request additional reports to suit your needs.

Central Data Storage

All data is stored centrally using IRM technology to protect data against tampering and unauthorized access. Data can be accessed from any Hebbian View Workstation enabled computer whether located in the company or remotely.

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Hebbian View Standard is a software product designed to boost your employee’s performance by properly balancing surveillance with workplace privacy.

Hebbian View Online is a web hosted (cloud computing) service with many features of Hebbian View Standard.