Hebbian View products are carefully designed and engineered to satisfy most of the requirements of any business - large or small - right out of the box. However, because no two businesses are alike, we make it easy to modify or extend your Hebbian View applications to work the way you do.

Customize your Hebbian View

The ability to customize consistently ranks among the top requests of business application users. In the end, customizations and enhancements to a software solution are often needed to allow the software to be tailored to your needs. Hebbian View products are architected and engineered from the ground up to accept extensions, integrate with external systems and “private” software components, and automatically update in the same fashion as Windows Updates. Moreover, many of our customer’s requests and issues have already been incorporated as part of our own product development, thus our engagement time is often a fraction of that typically required for such a project.

Custom Reports

Hebbian View accumulates lots of useful data that can be presented and analyzed in countless number of ways. Hebbian View products include predefined reports, but if none of them meet your information needs you can order one or more custom reports.

Custom reports "plug" into the existing Hebbian View report infrastructure and look and feel like an integral part of the product. Many reports require no change to your existing Hebbian View Server database and can be implemented very quickly. Others may require additional changes such as custom fields, tables or indexes which require a little more effort.

Please contact us to request a free estimate for your custom reports.

Integration with back-office systems

Hebbian View Server can be integrated with a variety of back office systems. For example Hebbian View can be integrated with your CRM solution so that all e-mails to your customers will be automatically recognized as “work-related”, or it can be integrated with your Accounting system for internal charge backs. You may also want to integrate it with your Employee Directory and Organizational Chart provider to automatically populate Hebbian View's user database and organizational structure.

Hebbian View Server is designed for easy integration with external systems and features an extendable plug-in architecture and rich programmability model.

Please contact us to discuss your Hebbian View integration needs.

Integration with organization's portal

Hebbian View's Dashboards and Reports can be integrated into your organizations portal sites. This option can be used to aid information flow without the need for a client installation.

Please contact us to discuss your Hebbian View portal integration.

Tracking Add-ons for desktop applications

Out of the box, Hebbian View client can track loaded URLs in web browsers, opened documents in office applications, and e-mails sent and received from e-mail applications, to name a few. Many of our clients want to do the same for their line of business applications: they what to recognize and track particular screens, capture certain events and extract additional data that need to be attached to the Hebbian View activity records and propagate to the journal, dashboard and reports. Hebbian View Client can be extended with a custom tracking add-on to do this.

Tracking add-ons can help to answer specific questions such as: "Who served that customer?", "Who uses this application form and how?", and "Who modified this record?", etc.

Complexity of the add-on depends on the required functionality and the application being integerated.

Please contact us to arrange your application assessment.

Additional Dashboards/Screens

New screens, such as custom dashboards or data analysis screens, can be easily added to your Hebbian View User Interface. Hebbian View User Interface (UI) is completely extendable and is implemented using a plug-in architecture i.e. we can add and remove UI screens without any modifications of the main application or existing components.

Please contact us to discuss your Hebbian View custom UI.

Popular Requests

Custom Reports

Integration with back-office systems

Integration with organization's portal

Tracking Add-ons for desktop applications

Additional Dashboards/screens

Hebbian View Online

Please note we will not be able to provide a customization service to our clients who use the Hebbian View Online service.

Hebbian View Online is a cloud computing service where the server is located in the cloud domain; Hebbian View Client will be installed on desktops within your organisation. While each organization's data is stored separately and handled independently form others, the cloud environment code components are common for all our customers and cannot be customized for individual use.

Please consider upgrading to the full version of Hebbian View if you require to customize your solution.

You can also contact us and suggest a feature that we may consider for the next version of Hebbian View online service.

Support and Updates

All customizations delivered by our services are supported in the same way as the main Hebbian View code base. Minor updates and bug fixes will be delivered automatically by the Hebbian View Updater Service or alternatively can be downloaded manually from our secure site.

Note: Your customizations are tied to your product ID, so please keep this in mind when contacting technical support.

Next Versions

At Hebbian we architect and design with backward compatibility to ensure your customizations will continue to work in future releases of Hebbian View.

However, in cases where it is not possible to maintain this compatability due to technology or major functionality changes, your custom components will be migrated in advance and updated at the same time the next release is installed.