Hebbian View is easy to use automation tool for managing electronic history of computer usage. It provides vital information for understanding and analyzing employee work patterns and for building more agile and completive companies. Hebbian View delivers employee monitoring, timesheets, employee performance reporting and company orgchart solutions for companies of any size.

Employee Monitoring

Boost employee productivity by properly balancing surveillance and workplace privacy.

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Time Management

Create timesheets that are based on actual computer usage. Fast and easy time management.

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Human Resources

Tools for your employee performance management, professional org charts and more.

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Hebbian View Enterprise Solutions deal with more complex problems such as Enterprise application usage statistics, tracking of the application user experience, ranking of information assets and enterprise knowledge sharing.

Enterprise App Statistics

See what applications are being used, by whom and for how long.

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Enterprise User Experience

Gather all potential desktop application problems in a centralized store.

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Enterprise Search

Improve the relevance of you enterprise search and promote knowledge sharing.

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All our solutions are based on the data collected by Hebbian View desktop clients. You can add or change your solutions by adding new servers without additional changes to your desktops.