Hebbian View Enterprise (HVE) Intranet

With Hebbian, see your business more clearly, from a birds eye view!

Improve your enterprise search and promote knowledge sharing.

  • Capture the amount of attention users pay to your intranet pages and documents.
  • Improve the relevance of enterprise searching.
  • Locate information that is receiving the most attention and share it.
  • Analyze your Enterprise Knowledge Sharing with comprehensive reporting module.
  • Provide feedback to the content owners.
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Activation Based Ranking
Our proprietary activation based ranking utilises information collected by the Recording Client to generate intranet search rankings that are more appropriate than basic key word ranking. This technology promotes information that is relevant now.

Targeted Content Delivery
HVE Intranet delivers content that is appropriate to your department or group rather than simply on a company wide basis. Our Recording client stores not only what has been visited but also by whom; we can then promote results more appropriate to you.

Practice and Forget
Our ranking engine simulates "practicing and forgetting" of information. This models how our brains deal with information, promoting data that is newest or frequently read, and which reduces exponentially the longer it is ignored.

Powerful Recording Client
Our proprietary recording client tracks all desktop application usage. This client records the length of time a user spent using a document or viewing an intranet page, and provides the basis for calculating activation ranking.


Enterprise Search Platforms
HVE Intranet works with all leading Enterprise Search platforms. The system uses our secure tamper proof data format to deliver high relevance search results that are also based on who you are.

Secure Storage

Tamper-proof and Secure Data Format
All captured data is immediately packed into an immutable format using Information Rights Management (IRM) technology. Our data features multiple levels of encryption and watermarking to prevent unauthorized information disclosure, subsequent changing, tampering or creation of fake data.

Centralized Database
Usage Data Files, collected on the desktop, are loaded into a centralized database. Database design and implementation follow best practices for storing private and confidential information.

Secure Archiving
Usage data files are already encrypted with industrial strength IRM and cannot be occasionally disclosed, i.e. the whole Hebbian View set of products is architected for secure archiving and ease of off-site transfers.

Enhance Your Business with Hebbian View

Improve your enterprise serach with Hebbian View.
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Intended use

Audience: Enterprise Portal Group, content owners.

HVE Intranet is based on Hebbian patent pending ranking technology. Contemporary search engines use keyword matching and link analysis to produce search results; this method covers only one part of context matching, and omits the importance of how useful the information is for users.

HVE Intranet Ranking generates activation scores, which reflect information usefulness, for the information that users interact with. By combining activation scores with traditional keyword matching, HVE Intranet delivers an effective and high-relevance ranking system.

HVE Intranet resides on top of major Enterprise Search Platforms for relevance improvement. It also promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration: Users are ranking documents by using them, hence implicitly providing feedback to others through the changes in search relevance.