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With Hebbian, see your business more clearly, from a birds eye view!
Our Online Service is hosted in a highly scalable and secure cloud computing environment, removing the overhead of managing your own servers.

Boost your employee’s performance by properly balancing surveillance with workplace privacy.

  • Capture employee PC and Internet activity, measure and show the real efforts.
  • Feed this information to secure centralized store.
  • Immediately pinpoint violations and changes in work patterns.
  • Reporting module lets you graphically analyze and compare your employee's computer usage.
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Recording PC and Internet Activity

Powerful Recording Client
Hebbian View incorporates Hebbian’s proprietary patent pending technology that estimates and automatically records the real effort an employee has spent working on documents, e-mail, web pages, instant messages and LOB applications.

Proper Balance Between Surveillance and Workplace Privacy
Unlike other monitoring solutions that capture screens and record keystrokes, Hebbian View provides an accurate picture of how much effort is work or non-work related, without violating workplace privacy.

Supports Occasionally Connected Clients
Capture employee PC and Internet activity whether they are in the office, traveling or working from a remote location. Supports store and forward mode.

Hebbian View will generate alerts when it detects suspicious activities such as tampering with installed software, changing the system time, scripting keyboard or mouse input to simulate activities, using proxy sites or tunnels to obscure site identity, etc. Alerts generation is fully customizable.

Virtualization Support
Supports integration with Virtual Machines and Windows 7 XP mode to avoid double counting of activities for virtual machine users.

Secure Storage

Tamper-proof and Secure Data Format
All captured data is immediately packed into an immutable format using Information Rights Management (IRM) technology. Our data features multiple levels of encryption and watermarking to prevent unauthorized information disclosure, subsequent changing, tampering or creation of fake data. This is critical for investigations or legal disputes.

Secure Cloud Database
Usage Data Files are loaded into a centralized database, using cloud computing, providing centralized journals, dashboards and reports.

Secure Archiving
Hebbian View usage data files are already encrypted with industrial strength IRM and cannot be occasionally disclosed, i.e. the whole Hebbian View set of products is architected for secure archiving and ease of off-site transfers.

User Behavior Analysis

With the help of a single screen manager, you can see how much effort a group is spending on work related, non work related and prohibited activities. Hebbian View Workstation Dashboard also provides a minute by minute view, so managers know exactly what happened and when. The journal provides the 'zoom' giving a detailed breakdown of activities.

Lists all user activity for documents, e-mails, web and LOB applications. Hebbian view records total attention (efforts) that a user paid to the given document, web site or application, as well as the amount of input effort and total on-screen time. Managers can see journals for all employees that are under them in the organizational structure.

Web Classification
Hebbian View comes with web site directory that features more than 3 million sites organized into an easy to work with directory structure. This data is hosted in the cloud and is constantly updated. Mangers or HR personnel can quickly setup which parts of the directory should be considered to be work related, non work related or prohibited for a particular group or the whole organization. For example: all gambling, social networking and adult sites may be marked as “prohibited”.

BlackList Detection
In addition we also check visited sites against multiple online blacklists. Visits are tagged as either safe, malware or a security threat at the time of the visit. This can help to detect activities that put your IT infrastructure at risk.

Application Classification
Similar to Web classication, Hebbian View supports an Application Directory that allows to break down all of the applications used into work, non-work and prohibited categories. You can then quickly zoom on the usage of inappropriate applications such as games, online gambling, illegal software, etc.


Built-in Reports
Hebbian View comes with a number of reports that can slice and dice usage and work related classification data at a group or individual level, for any time period. Reports include most popular sites/apps/docs, group and individual bell curve reports, group and individual comparison reports, detailed usage reports, group and individual trend reports.

Time Management

In addition to employee monitoring, the Journal can be used as a source of data for timesheets. Hebbian View allows timesheets to be created based on the data collected, providing accurate time spent.

In addition you can manually enter Journal entries for those items that cannot be automatically captured e.g. Meetings.

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